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From Farm to Table [Guest Post]

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Over the last month the ‘horsemeat scandal’ has considerablyreduced consumer confidence in mass-produced meat products. The most tangible effect on the food industry has been the drop in sales of low-cost supermarket ready meals and cheap meat.

Fortunately, people are now more engaged and concerned with what ends up on their dinner plate, preferring locally-sourced and ethically produced meat from naturally-reared animals in domestic farms.

The shock of the scandal has driven us to re-discover ourattachment to the local butcher, eat free-range, and avoidready-made alternatives. Perhaps now we will consider short supply chains – from farm to fork – to be essential in the production of meat. For this reason, many of us buy British. Buying from a local butcher or a meat supplier guarantees traceability. It is this transparency that ensures a high quality range of meat from suppliers we can trust.

Farmer’s Choice is based in Fareham, Hampshire, and they supply tasty and 100% free range meat. Their online butchers lists a variety of different meats – from beef link sausages to chicken wings – and they deliver to homes across the United Kingdom. They even document their partner farms; the ethos of Farmer’s Choice is full traceability and honesty and maximum taste.

On several pages they offer recipe tips, both straightforward ideas and more challenging suggestions – handy in case you’re stuck for ideas with how to cook your joint of meat!Their prices are not compromised by the horsemeat scandal;they consistently offer great value for healthy, fresh produce.

Browse the wide range of meat (and fruit and veg!) online and discover tasty cuts of British meat. Farmer’s Choice describes itself as a ‘small, friendly butcher business’. They believe in quality service and well-sourced produce. You can be sure that all meat on their website is properly labelled and not misrepresented. Traditional is often best, and, in this case, the most trustworthy as well.


Guest Post: Content supplied by Farmer’s Choice

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