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Wikio Gastronomy Ratings (March 2010)

  1. Word of Mouth
  2. Eat Like A Girl
  3. Food Stories
  4. Dos Hermanos
  5. Hollow Legs
  6. Cheese and Biscuits
  7. Thring For Your Supper
  8. London Eater
  9. Gastronomy Domaine
  10. A Rather Unusual Chinaman
  11. The Catty Life
  12. Essex Eating
  13. Tinned Tomatoes
  14. Intoxicating Prose
  15. Culinary Travels of a Kitchen Goddess
  16. London Chow
  17. The London Foodie
  18. The Foodie List
  19. Spittoonextra
  20. Cherrapeno

Obviously I’d love to see my site in the top 10, okay okay who am I kidding, I’d obviously like to be at the number one slot; who wouldnt’? That doesn’t stop me grinning from ear to ear like the metaphorical Cheshire cat though to see I’m ranked at number 15 – a massive 22 place leap from last month; obviously I’ve been doing something right with the blog recently. I’ve also noted that the number of subscribers I have is rising rapidly too. Hooray from this very happy blogger.

So now it’s time to say the big thank you to all who frequent this blog and chatter away to me with their comments, I really do apprecite you visiting and I just love having you comment away. Cheers to you and here’s to many more good blogging times. Onwards and upwards so they say.

I must say it’s delightful to see so many blogs I’m an avid reader of doing so well but it is also greatly entertaining to go taking a peek at some of the others I’m not aware of – sometimes I like what I find and other times I don’t but we can’t all like the same and wouldn’t it be a boring old world if we did.

There are some fabulous blogs on this list, so if you’re not already aware of them, I’d heartily recommend you take a wander and have a read. Take my advice and make sure your cuppa is freshly brewed and you have the free time to while away a few hours, it is surprising how quick the time flies when you’re having fun  in cyberspace.